January 19th, 2017

Про хоккей

Green Derby #3. Ak Bars - Salavat Yulaev 6:5 OT January 18, 2017

The Green Derby - the games between the hockey teams representing the two neighbouring Republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan which consider green color as their symbols - has always been hot, utter, hardcore and absolute rivalry. For fifty years these two teams have been finding out who stronger and greater is. Historically this rivalry is based on the competence between two oil-producing republics backed up by two as they say relating nations - Bashkirs and Tatars. But it's a quite different story.

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The ex-President of the Republic of Bashkortostan used to say 'You may lose to anyone, but Ak Bars'. This quote always pops out at the end of Ufa fans' tongues ahead of the coming Green Derby. This game wasn't an exception because Salavat doesn't play really good recently: only 3 wins in last 14 games. But one of them was over Ak Bars 1:2 OT two weeks ago. So, you see, fans had the right to believe in Ufa club, despite all the unlucky games. Generally speaking, the Green Derby always stands out of the rest regular games. Current statistics doesn't work here, last games have nothing in common with the coming derby. This is a separate game, separate tournament. Don't you believe? Just consider this. Last time Ak Bars conceded more than 4 goals was on September 26th, 2016 vs Dinamo Minsk 3:5. Ak Bars have won only over Dinamo Moscow after the last Derby. Again Ak Bars opened the scoring in 3 games in a row before this one. This time Salavat did this, already 2 games straight. Ak Bars couldn't score in powerplay 5 games in a row. Igor Grigorenko, HCSalavat's captain has won 6 Green Derbies in a row. Aleksandr Loginov hasn't scored more than one goal in a game this season. All of these facts have crashed against the wall of Green Derby this evening.

Regarding the roster Igor Zakharkin didn't make any changes except the goalkeeper. Niklas Svedberg, now confirmed 1st keeper of the team, took the place in the net. As you know, Niklas doesn't show the best play during the regular season, often Andrei Gavrilov substitutes him to prove that he's better. Sometimes he does, sometimes doesn't. You see Salavat Yulaev have always had problems with the goalkeeping. It's kind of an eternal problem, Salavat's style already. But you also see that these goalkeepers somehow know how to reinvent themselves for the big games, for play-offs. Same happened last season when Niklas Svedberg was criticized and attacked by journalists and fans all the way until the play-offs where was just brilliant. Let's see what happens now.

As for Ak Bars, Zinetulla Bilyaletdinov, the head coach, made some changes. He changes the order of the lines: nominally 2nd line Jiri Sekac - Aleksandr Svitov (C) - Justin Azevedo came 1st this time. It's a quite balanced line with 2 small, but fast wingers and a huge centreforward. This line may cause troubles to any team, I would say. Emil Garipov, young Kazan goalkeeper, has proved by his play in last games that he deserves to be the 1st goalkeeper of the team making Stanislav Galimov sit behind him. Could he confirm that today?

So January 18th, 2017, Ak Bars Arena, the Green Derby #3, 1st period. Face-off.

Ak Bars right from the face-off tries to make the starting punch. But Salavat being ready for that goes with a counterattack: Denis Kulyash dumps the puck into the away zone, goes after it but Dinar Musin (Ak Bars) in an attempt to stop him gets a penalty for high-sticking. Aleksandr Loginov needed only 22 seconds to get a pass from Linus Omark and Kirill Kaprizov and make a wrist shot to Garipov's net, 0:1. Salavat opens the scoring in the 2nd game in a row. In the middle of the period Anton Lazarev (HCSalavat) being overly active in the away zone, gets a penalty for tripping, giving powerplay to Ak Bars. In the end of the powerplay Stefan Elliot with his 3rd shot in this attack makes it 1:1. Having 2 minutes remaining in the 1st period Jiri Sekac gives the lead to Ak Bars after Elliot's wristshot. So, end of the 1st, 2:1, all the 3 goals were scored in powerplay. The 2nd period starts for Ak Bars with shorthanded play and, of course, what do you think? Linus Omark scores the 4th goal of the game getting an assist from Kirill Kaprizov. After that Ak Bars goes all-out to Salavat's zone, trying to close the opponent in it. They manage to do that for whole 2 minutes, but then something extraordinary happens. Anton Lazarev gives a long pass from home zone to Aleksandr Nesterov and he entering the zone without hesitation makes a slapshot to the top corner of Garipov's net, 2:3. I call it extraordinary because Nesterov scores in the 2nd game straight. Before that, he hasn't scored any points in 35 games. Can you imagine that? This is the Green Derby, folks, everything can happen. In four minutes Tomas Mertl makes it 2:4 after a long attack. Who do you think assisted him? Omark and Kaprizov. That's a rule. Getting Kaprizov back in action is one of the game-changers right when you need it. 3 assists in an important game like this is an indicator of his talents and skillfulness.

A score like this, 2:4, however makes you feel a bit relaxed. That happened to Salavat. Justin Azevedo and Vladimir Tkachyov get back a tie game. The Green Derby, the score is 4:4, every goal may be the last, the stakes are high, so apparently the passions of course will rise. Maksim Goncharov and Dmitry Obukhov have already a history behind them. Their conflict begins in the last season, so now everygame they don't miss a chance to do something to each other. Check the video of what happened during this game:

In my opinion the referees made a mistake not letting them have a little domestic. It would calm down both of the teams, who knows maybe this wouldn't happen:

Check out the full video here. Aleksandr Svitov got a match-penalty for that and Aleksandr Loginov just had to take advantage of that, 4:5. Goal assisted by the captain, Igor Grigorenko. That's when Stanislav Galimov substitutes Garipov in the net and that's when Ufa club stops scoring. Salavat Yulaev goes for the 2nd intermission leading, but what is a one-goal lead in a game like this?
Nothing, even though Salavat had shown brilliant defense for 18 minutes of the 3rd period. Artyom Lukoyanov firstly makes it 5:5 and then brings the 1st win in Green Derby for Ak Bars this season. This's not a big tragedy for Salavat Yulaev , though. Shouldn't we let Ak Bars fans to celebrate a bit?

Десантник из Чекмагуша, лишившись ног, стал победителем "Кубка Континента" по следж-хоккею

Рисунок 6-летней принцессы после посещения соревнований по следж-хоккею. Долго думали брать ли с собой ребенка. Какие будут вопросы у нее после того, как она увидит, что есть люди, которые немного отличаются от нас. Но все же решились и взяли. А вопросов у нее никаких не возникло. Разницу она не увидела, а вот мы взрослые почему-то видим. И начинаем их жалеть. Но жалость эта ни к чему. Себя пожалейте лучше.

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Девочка была первый раз на соревнованиях. Довольна была, что российская команда выиграла. Сказала, что еще раз пойдет на хоккей. Понравилось ей. Попали мы на игру наших и китайцев.
В турнире "Кубок континента" играли чехи, итальянцы, китайцы и россияне.

Вроде бы и санки. Но управлять ими не так-то просто. Чуть потеряешь равновесие и падаешь на лед

У хоккеистов две клюшки. Ими и отталкиваются, и забивают шайбы. На фото молодой парень Рустам Набиев из Чекмагуша. В 2015 году ушел служить, вернулся без двух ног. В Омске обрушилась казарма. Там много погибших было. В прошлом году стал хоккеистом в подмосковной команде "Феникс". На турнире забил свою первую шайбу.

Специально для этих соревнований сделали прозрачные борты

Как говорится любишь на саночках кататься, люби и носить их

Фото с чемпионом

Кубок выиграла Россия

А "Неделя звезд хоккея" продолжается. 21 и 22 января пройдет "Матч звезд" КХЛ.

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